We’ve got you covered on how to last in bed well into old age and more about sex and relationships

how to last in bed well into old age

This time, about how to prolong sex long and well, why foreplay is important (in case you still had any doubts), why you are afraid of not being able to satisfy your partner and what a different sexuality entails.

It’s hard to get to the point where you can say you know everything about sex—and especially how to have better sex . Maybe it will never happen in life, because things change and sexuality needs to be explored. So for a healthy and good sex life , learn and experiment. In the spirit of this prompt, we have collected for you excellent answers to the questions you sent us.

Enough, here are the answers to your curiosities – courtesy of Kitty Rea, experienced coach.

The thousand point question: “How can I last longer in bed?”

make your partner orgasmThe first thing you need to do if you want to last longer in bed is not to put pressure on yourself to last longer in bed. That’s the surest recipe for failure, because all that pressure of having to last for hours makes it super hard to stay in control. Therefore, I would focus on more self-confidence and more control in the bedroom. That means familiarizing yourself with sex toys for your partner. Also offer oral sex, lots of petting, kissing or masturbating to make sure she’s satisfied. This will take away from that mental pressure to “perform” with just the penis.

News flash: If you have female partners, your penis won’t do much anyway, because most of them reach orgasm with the clitoris. So if you’re a straight guy, become a clitoris expert and how long your erection will be the least important part of intercourse with your partner. However, regardless of the type of people you are attracted to, if you see that they feel comfortable in intimacy with you, you will gain more confidence and reduce the pressure.

Then, if you still want to prolong the joy of erection for yourself, you can do Kegel exercises (yes, they are good for men too, to teach you muscle control). Take frequent breaks when you feel things heating up and getting close to ejaculation and focus on something else – like that five-button, seven-speed sex toy. If you feel too aroused, you can stop the stimulation altogether and grab your penis by the base with your hand and squeeze hard. This will give you a moment of relaxation. After you have “cooled down” with other actions in bed or with a well-deserved break, you can focus on your erection again.

The most important step in this whole thing is to learn the sensations of your body. Know when you’re getting close to ejaculation and when to slow down. The more you realize your feelings, the more control you will have over them.

An open discussion in her time solves a lot: “The partner goes directly to sex without even having a foreplay. What should I do?”

An open and honest discussion on the subject is the best “treatment”. You can tell him that you like to get into a rhythm before jumping straight into the action, why foreplay is important to you, and how sex feels when it’s missing. Most often, the problem is that our partners don’t know how the things they do feel in their bodies, but also in our heads. … Read the rest


Behind the Scenes of Happy Ending Massage Parlours in India

Massage Parlours in India

“Many believe that the risk of contracting an STD is lower if you get a handjob instead of having sex.”

In the heart of India ‘s capital , a neon-lit men’s salon named after a popular Greek island claims to be a hotel. It looks like an ordinary hotel from the outside, indeed, but the inside is something else entirely.

For just 1,500 rupees ($18), you get a full body massage with a handjob. You can also enter the dark room, which is just a glory hole , no lights, nothing. According to Urban Dictionary , “a gloryhole is a hole made in a partition wall where one can insert his penis to be stimulated by an anonymous person on the other side of the wall.” Even people without penises can enjoy glory holes, because you can urinate through them, stick your ass or your fingers in them.

Ashish Chopra, 27, works as a hiring manager in an IT firm. A friend recommended this salon to him, but he was initially sceptical because he had never been to a gay men’s salon in India. Still, he was curious.

Massage Parlours in India“You can’t take photos because you leave your phone and clothes in a locked closet before entering the salon. There are small rooms in front of which men from northeast India are sitting,” Chopra told VICE.

India is dotted with massage parlours. Some offer only sex , others only massage. In 2014, Goa state police raided twenty massage parlours and arrested over 35 people for prostitution. In 2017, police arrested six women in Gurugram, Haryana, for engaging in illegal sex activities in one such parlour.

For fear of the police, salons now have fully clothed masseuses or masseuses who are always ready to touch more innocent parts of the body in case the police come. However, some recent laws have been passed in India that allow these salons to operate.

Chopra opted for a happy ending massage. “Why? Because I found it thrilling and I had been in massage parlours like this before in Paris.” He thought it was worth a try in Delhi as well, although he was a bit worried about STDs. “When I entered the dark room, I was given oral sex by three different men. It was fascinating, because I couldn’t see anything, but I could feel that people were changing, that they had a different height, weight, a different haircut. But we were also afraid that the police would come over us.”

How do customers request these special services? We asked Nikita, who works in several salons, and she asked us to only give her first name.

Hot Sexy Bum Being Massaged“In some cases, the salon may be massage-only, but the masseurs accept six propositions from customers in order to receive a tip. As there are no cameras in the massage rooms, you don’t really have a way to see what’s going on there, so you have no way to stop this thing,” she said.

In the salons she has been managing for about ten years, “the massage rooms always have the door ajar and we are alert to any kind of strange behaviour. For example, it is a bad sign if the masseuse entered the room with a seated appearance and comes out dishevelled and red-faced. Or if a client always asks for the same masseur or masseuse. … Read the rest


Sex Position: 9 variations to innovate in the bedroom!

on the edge of the bed

Position 4 was considered the best sex position in the survey in 2022. She stood out from the others for different reasons listed by the research participants: it allows several stimuli at the same time, you can play with the clitoris, the hands are free to touch the partnership and so on.

But did you know that the all-fours position can be done in different ways? That’s right, it’s possible to leave the traditional and keep the characteristics you like most in this sexual position with few adaptations – and that’s what I’m going to show you in this post!

Get ready to renew bedroom sex with these 9 4 position variations:

1- Position of 4 on the edge of the bed

on the edge of the bedLeaving the traditional doggy style, in which the two people are on the bed on their knees, in this proposal, the person who penetrates stands next to the bed, while the person being penetrated stands on four supports on the edge of the bed.

For this position to be comfortable for both of you, the person who is in bed can support himself on his knees and hands, with his arms even extended. This helps maintain a similar height between the two of you.

2- On the wall

sex on the wallThe idea here is that the penetrated person’s upper supports are on the wall. So, in this position, both partnerships are standing – the height of the couple can make a difference for this position of 4 to work or not, but, if you need to, you can use a safe stool to equalize.

The inclination of the person being penetrated can vary, in 45º or about 65º, that is, he will not be completely erect. An advantage of this position is that it facilitates the use of sex toys, such as a bullet for clitoral stimulation or a penis vibrator.

3- Sphinx

This position is on my list of positions for anal sex and it’s no wonder it made it to this list too. It is a very pleasant position and, as I mentioned, allows anal penetration with comfort and practicality. The person being penetrated must lie on the bed on all fours: the forearms with the elbows and the whole part of the shin.

Thus, she is very close to the mattress and, for this, she needs to open her legs more, which requires some flexibility in the groin area. It’s good for anal because it makes the muscles of the organ very relaxed, which makes penetration less painful – but don’t forget to use a good lubricant!

4- Facing the mattress

The 4 face position on the mattress is a well-known and practiced variation. The idea is that the person being penetrated, instead of supporting himself on the bed with his hands or elbows, has his face leaning against the mattress. In this way, the butt is raised, which promotes a very interesting stimulation in the vagina.

And the advantages don’t stop there, that way, the anus is in evidence, so, there can be an anal penetration or a very interesting visual stimulus for those who are penetrating, who can masturbate the anus of the partnership. This position is also a good choice for couples who enjoy domination, because it leaves the penetrating person with greater control of the situation, being able to touch the body and … Read the rest


You can live some of your hot fetishes with stunning brunettes with eyeliner permanent makeup

Eyeliner Permanent Makeup

If you will state you do not have any sort of fetish for hot and sexy women with eyeliner permanent makeup, then I would say you are lying about it. This is a scientific fact that all the men can have at least one fetish for hot ladies or females in their heart. However, the majority of them choose not to share it with anything since they believe that fetish is very strange and just do not talk about that. But if you ask my viewpoint, I would say that most of the sexy fetishes are not only really typical but guys can live some of those dreams or desires likewise in their reality. But you likewise need to keep in mind that you will have to stay open for some cost likewise for that.

Here, I am not suggesting that you can live each and every desire or fetish in your real life, however with stunning brunettes with eyeliner permanent makeup you can live most of your hot fetishes easily. And for doing this you just require to employ some cheap but extremely beautiful lady from Stunning brunettes with eyeliner permanent makeup service and after that you can share your fetish with them. If your desire is not related with sex or if it comes under the work domain of stunning brunettes with eyeliner permanent makeup then this is an assurance that you will be able to live that attractive desire in an excellent way. In case you have a libido, then stunning brunettes with eyeliner permanent makeup might not assist you as they are not allowed to offer the sex as their service to you or anybody else.

Beautiful Brunette - Kircheva BeautySpeaking about the approach to get this sexy experience in your real life, it is not a brain surgery. For this first you require to find a credible stunning brunettes with eyeliner permanent makeup in London. After that you can visit their website and you can choose an attractive woman as your partner from them. Also, on the same website you can find out about all the services that stunning brunettes with eyeliner permanent makeup can use to you and if your fetish falls in that category or not. If you do not see your fetish on your chosen stunning brunettes with eyeliner permanent makeup website, then you can telephone to your agency and you can bluntly ask the concern from them.

If they state that their stunning brunettes with eyeliner permanent makeup can assist you in your hot fetish, then you can simply take their services. And as I said above, you will need to do some cost likewise to live your sexy fetish in real life. So, you will require to do that expenditure on stunning brunettes with eyeliner permanent makeup as these gorgeous and attractive females do not offer the service totally free. So, in other words I can say that if you will hire stunning brunettes with eyeliner permanent makeup versus a small payment, then you can quickly live your weird desires with them in an excellent way. Also, stunning brunettes with eyeliner permanent makeup can assist you comprehend that your attractive fetish is not as odd as you presume in your mind.

Why You Need To Spend Some Quality Time with London Girls

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Following are some of the most important qualities that I see in cheap London escorts before hiring them

cheap London escorts

I have actually been paying money to cheap London escorts since a long period of time to get a female companion in London. I do not require to describe that I constantly got great enjoyment with paid female partners in London, and in this post I am not going to speak about my experience in London with attractive yet cheap London escorts. Rather of that, I am going to talk about those qualities that I always see in a cheap London escorts female before employing her as my paid partner or companion and these qualities are mentioned below for your information.

Attractive Legs: Some people call it my cheap opinion or thought procedure, but I do not care about them at this point. Whenever I pick a paid female partner, I take a look at the legs of that female partner and if I do not get some special feelings for legs of cheap London escorts, then I prefer not to hire those cheap paid female companions as my partner. So, you can say that for me attractive legs of London escorts play a significant function in the selection of cheap London escorts and if I find hot legs in a lady then I immediately pick her as my partner.

Naughty Teen EscortToned body: Along with attractive legs, I look at toned body likewise while selecting a female partner and if I do not discover toned body in cheap and gorgeous escorts of London, then I prefer not to employ them. Nevertheless, I would not say that I never employed cheap London escorts that do not have a toned body, since I did that earlier. However, when I hired such female partners, then I picked them on the basis of hot legs. So, if I saw that a female has lovely face with hot legs, but not a toned body then likewise I employed that lady as my partner for paid dating.

Cheap cost: It is true that attractive legs and toned body always attract me towards London escorts, but cost always play a definitive role in this choice. If I do not get the service at a cost effective or budget-friendly price, then I immediately reject that particular choice. I understand London is home for a few of the very cheap London escorts clubs and firms such as XLondonEscorts can provide this service at really inexpensive price also in this city. Thus, it is safe to say that cheap cost of service is another factor that I constantly discover while working with a paid companion.

Easy accessibility: I do not care a lot about schedule of cheap London escorts as I constantly get them from www.XLondonEscorts.co.uk and I get them easily. But if I am not getting a stunning female partner with minimum efforts, then I never ever pick that alternative. I choose simple availability since if I when I not spend time in discovering a partner, then I get that time to enjoy with my gorgeous companion. Which’s why I prefer not to pick a companion from any place if I find problem in discovering a buddy.

Different Types of Adult Forum Website and Cheap London Escorts

There are various types of adult forum sites that people can go to when it comes to their sexual related satisfaction needs. There are those that are solely produced people looking for … Read the rest


British escorts constantly look gorgeous and sexy in underwear and stockings

British escorts loves reading naked

Stockings and underwear are called among the most sensual dress for women and ladies can look really attractive in that dress. However we can’t say this for all the women and numerous females do not look really gorgeous or attractive in stockings or in lingerie. I understand this since I got a chance to see many ladies in London that like to wear Stockings or lingerie but did not look really hot and erotic to me. Speaking about ladies that look sensual and attractive in Stockings, I got an opportunity to meet them in London with the help of British escorts.

In fact I take British escorts services to get stunning and sexy ladies as my partner and I delight in good time with them all the time. When I take British escorts assistance to have gorgeous and attractive ladies, then I employ them as my partner for dating, for going to celebrations and for my own satisfaction also. At some point I invite British escorts to my home likewise in London and I get some erotic, naughty and attractive enjoyment with them. When I take cheap and lovely escorts services and I invite them at my home, then I ask use some attractive underwear and stockings for me.

Stunning GymnastWhen I ask British escorts to wear stockings or hot lingerie, then they never ever say no for that. British escorts constantly use hot and hot stockings or underwear on my unique demand and they always look attractive and erotic likewise to me because gown. I constantly get terrific fun and satisfaction in this method and I always enjoy great time likewise with those stunning females. The most great thing that I like about this technique is that all the women that join me by British escorts service look actually erotic and attractive to me and I feel terrific satisfaction also with them.

I feel all the British escorts look sexy and hot in stockings or in Lingerie since they all own a perfectly toned body. As I described above, I got so many lovely and sexy British escorts from xLondonEscorts and I all those London females had actually perfectly toned body. So, based on my experience with xLondonEscorts.co.uk women, I can state all fit and toned women would look truly appealing and hot in swimwear or stockings.

Also I can state that if a woman wishes to look lovely and hot in underwear or stockings, then that lady can deal with her body and she can look hot because. And this is one thing that would not just work for those girls that are in London however it will definitely work for all the females around the world. So, in other words I can state, it you wish to have get attractive women in underwear or in stockings, then you can picked one of those ladies that have actually a completely toned body. And just like paid British girls can also look sexy in all type of underwear.

I got some incredible ideas from British escorts to make oral love

I have a beautiful partner and we both love each other from deep of our heart. However, in current time our relationship went through a complex time since I was unable to provide the desired orgasm to her. Might be I am having this problem due to the fact … Read the rest